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Welcome to Time Machine Hobby!

Welcome to Time Machine Hobby!

To some, that friendly robot face might be a familiar sight, as we’ve been in business in Manchester for nearly twenty years! To our old friends who have supported us through this time, thank you, and to new visitors, hello! Nice to meet you! We’re Time Machine Hobby, and here’s a bit about us:

Time Machine started in 1993 in a small storefront in East Hampton, CT. In 1999, the store was moved to the 1st floor of the Bon Ami Factory. The second floor was home to New England Hobby Supply, which had moved into the building in the mid-1970’s. In 2003, Time Machine purchase New England Hobby and incorporated the train and dollhouse business into their product mix. Since then, Time Machine Hobby has grown and changed with the times, still stocking the classic hobby departments, while adding new and exciting favorites, like toys, puzzles, games, and more. Time Machine is also proud to be home to the largest model train layout in New England – an impressive 5000 square foot display housing N, HO and O scale trains, plus a recreation of the famous horseshoe curve, and even a miniature model of the very building in which it resides.

So that’s us! If you come visit us you’ll have the pleasure of meeting our full-time staff:

Alex: Alex is the store owner and is here to help in every facet of the store. He’s never relegated to behind-the-scenes work and likes to assist on the floor as often as possible. He and two of his brothers, Patrick & Geoff, took over the reins at Time Machine when their father Steve, the original owner and creator of what we now know as Time Machine Hobby, decided to retire and step down. They’re dedicated to keeping the business alive and continuing to provide joy and creativity for many more years.

Ken: Hobby manager and specialist, Ken handles all of the minutiae of the model and radio control hobby departments. Anything from rc car bodies to the perfect color of paint, to a scale replica of the warship your grandfather was on, he can help you find it. Ken has been with the business for longer than any other employee and has seen scale replicas of almost everything!

Siobhan: Siobhan has been with the store for over 10 years, doing just about every job there is- she’s worked the register, she’s managed the RC department, she’s managed the entire shipping & receiving department, as well as online sales. She’s currently in a more dedicated web role but is always available to get back out onto the floor and help wherever she may be needed.

Patrick: Patrick came on board with Time Machine within the last couple of years after spending his previous employment with a certain large retail toy store with a giraffe mascot that we won’t name. Needless to say, he’s got the experience necessary for someone in his position, which is, Toy Department Lead. Looking for a certain toy or game? Ask Patrick. He will know off the top of his head almost immediately if it’s something we have on-hand and if not, if we can get it for you. Patrick spends most of his days running back and forth to the back room to make sure all of our stock is properly showcased on the floor. He also assists in the hobby department, specifically with the ordering of the hugely popular Gundam models by Bandai.

Myia: Myia is the cheerful, friendly face behind the register that greets everyone as the come in and wishes them well as they leave. She has only been with the store since the beginning of the year but has made herself a key figure.

That’s the core team that manages Time Machine Hobby on a day-to-day basis. We are also lucky enough to have a handful of other friendly faces who may be in-store less often but are still hugely integral components to our business including Afkar, Wayne, Steve, and Bob.

If you’re not from the area and not planning on making any trips to CT any time soon, well, first of all, why not? It’s a beautiful state and we’re going to be heading into leaf-peeping season soon, come on over! But in all seriousness, welcome to our site, this is our first foray into actually having a webstore for people to purchase from after decades of being a dedicated brick & mortar store and we’re having a blast learning as we go. We’ve got our entire puzzle stock up now and continue to load different sections of our store just about every week. Just to give you a taste, we’ve uploaded about 1500 units of our inventory to the site and we have about 100,000 in our actual physical inventory. (I’m telling you, it’s worth the trip!) 

We’re currently open to the public from 10am-6pm EST, Thursday thru Monday (closed Tuesday and Wednesday). The train layout is still closed at the moment but I promise you we’re working on getting it back in action for the holiday season! If you have any questions about our stock or services, we can be reached by phone at 860-646-0610, or email at

Thanks so much for visiting and we hope to hear from you soon! 

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