1/1 Cup Noodle Best Hit Chronicle


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1/1 Cup Noodle , Bandai Spirits Best Hit Chronicle

Let’s celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Cup Noodle! This special collaboration between Bandai Hobby and Nissin will be only available in Japan and North America! Actual noodles, egg, shrimp, “mystery meat” have been 3D scanned and converted into intricately detailed plastic model parts. The “noodle block” parts unique to CUP NOODLE have been divided into several parts during the designing process, enabling the rare experience of assembling the “dense noodle block structure that easily loosens in hot water” in plastic model kit form. The leeks are made from vinyl material and can be cut to user preference. The molding is so precise that even the fine print nutritional information has been recreated. Please note, product cannot replicate the 3 minute cooking time.


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