Baby Sign Language


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Teach your baby how to communicate without words.

Your baby has many wants and needs. Some you can figure out. Others need a little more patience. While your baby learns to make their requests verbally, you can teach them gestures and signs that will help bridge the gap of understanding. Baby Sign Language offers the tools and techniques you need to teach sign language to your baby.

As a parent, you might have concerns about speech and language delays. Or you might be concerned that your baby hasn’t started talking yet. Baby sign language is something that can promote early speech as well as speech development. This can be especially important for a baby diagnosed with autism or other language issues.

This revised edition includes these features:
 150 illustrations of popular signs to teach your baby
 An express program for quicker results
 Games and activities to make signing more fun
 Expert advice on speech and language development

Signing with your baby not only results in a happier and less frustrated child, but research also shows that learning sign language could help a child speak earlier and develop a higher IQ.


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