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This lovely Corolle Calin features Marguerite, the Blossom Winter doll for little mommies or daddies who love to nurture. A soft, plush beanbag design is perfect for cuddle time during naps and bedtime. This inviting Calin, part of the Mon premier collection, simulates real movements of babies with the very soft vinyl limbs and head scented with vanilla, a Corolle signature. The eyes open and close to simulate nap time and the cute clothing will stimulate senses and help develop color recognition. The Corolle Calin Marguerite Blossom Winter was designed for little mommies or daddies ages 18 months and up and is loved by children around the world. Designed and styled in France with quality materials, this lovely baby doll will be baby’s favorite toy. Ever since 1979, Corolle’s hard working fairies have created dolls with a hint of imagination, a dollop of happiness and a granular of love. Corolle uses this formula in all their products including clothing and accessories that fit age and stages of life. Their toys pledge to help children learn about life and the world they live in, tap into their imagination to explore creativity and help them to be as happy and healthy as possible.


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