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A soft and nurturing doll, the Corolle Charly Garden Delights is perfect for cuddling and garden fun time. At 14-inches, this posh doll is stylish and designed for children 2 years and up with snazzy clothing that promotes imagination and stimulates the senses. Part of the premium collection by Corolle known as the mon grand poupou, there are many accessories that make this doll versatile and even more stylish. The perfect combination with the Charly is the 14 inch Ballerina Suit – 140640 or the 14 inch Dress – Swan Royale – 140590. Create a special bond between doll and child with Charly that will create lasting memories your children will thank you for as they develop and grow. This doll can put its thumb in its mouth like it is sucking its thumb like a real baby. Ever since 1979, Corolle’s hard working fairies have created dolls with a hint of imagination, a dollop of happiness and a granular of love. Corolle uses this formula in all their products including clothing and accessories that fit age and stages of life. Their toys pledge to help children learn about life and the world they live in, tap into their imagination to explore creativity and help them to be as happy and healthy as possible.


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