Dog House Gift Set


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Dog House Set complete with an adorable Jack Russell Terrier and his soft comfy bed. When he gets tired of relaxing, he has plenty of fresh water to drink from his bowl before he decides which of his toys he wants to play with first. But maybe he will want to cheer on his friend in the dog agility competition first, wearing his new collar and leash.

Includes: 1 Jack Russel Terrier, 1 Dog House, 1 Leash and Collar, 1 Water Dish, 1 Rope Pull Toy, 1 Hotdog Toy, 1 Dog Bone, 1 Dog Bed

Model brand / code: Breyer 1508

Model scale: 1:9

Approximate dimensions: 11 x 9 x 9 cm kennel

Age rating: 4+


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