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This innovative robotic arm applies different mechanical basics. After building, watch how the inner parts work in tandem, such as connecting rods to pilot the planetary gear system or gear movement to activate transmission.

Unlock the safety switch and turn on the red power button, the robotic arm enters stand-by mode and the rumbling of operation leads you to a mechanical gaming experience. This new arm can be operated by two joysticks to control the 4 axes toward 8 directions simultaneously and easily. Maximize the types of objects to grab by opening the ends, with the interchangeable 2-claws and 4-claws grippers. It can even work as a claw machine! By assembly and hands-on doing, kids can build mechanical knowledge and problem solving skills. This STEM robotic arm is educational and fun!

When fully constructed, product measures: 10.3in. H x 20.2 in. L x 6.5 in. W

Lifts up to 17.6 oz!


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