Lil’ Dreamer – White Kite


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The Lil’ Dreamer was inspired by its larger brother, the Dream On kite.  The Dream On is known as one of the most beautiful and stable all-purpose kites in the world and is famous for its predictable flight performance.  The Lil’ Dreamer is a much faster, more responsive version designed for all skill levels.  Framed in a durable 6mm carbon frame, the Lil’ Dreamer includes Ready-to-Fly Dyneema lines on a winder with flying straps.  Quick, fun, and durable, the Lil’ Dreamer is one of the most versatile sport kites available today.

  • 74″ wingspan
  • 6mm carbon frame
  • Ripstop nylon sail
  • Lineset: 100lb x 65ft Dyneema
  • Wind range: 3-20mph
  • Skill level: Beginner to Advanced


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