Lullaby Land Musical TV


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Some children will doze off to a soothing sound, while others may need moving pictures or visual stimuli. This simple wind up toy happens to provide both. The Lullaby Land Musical TV has a knob that will remind you of the old days when you used to change channels on a television with a dial, and an on/off switch. Wind up the knob, then turn it on to hear a charming lullaby sound play as the picture rotates displaying images of whimsical moving animals. The handle at the top makes this play TV easy to move from one place to another. Set it up next to a crib to let it sooth your baby to sleep, or let them play with it during the day, as they watch the animals move across the screen.

– 8 1/4 x 9 inch toy TV
– Wind-up visual and musical action
– No batteries required
– Easy to carry handle
– On/off switch and wind-up knob
– Recommended for ages 6 months and older


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