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Learn multiplication tables in a different and fun way! This mechanical toy uses a set of pivoting links to show the multiplication product of 2 numbers. After building the machine, select two random numbers between 1 to 12 with the machine’s two built in number dials. Multiply the numbers mentally, then note the guessed answer in the included log chart. Check the answer by using the machine’s links and pointers. The Multiplication Machine is a useful study table accessory for kids, helping to improve mental multiplication and building skills, all while having fun! Decorate the machine with your own paints and markers and make it unique!
• Skills Developed: Analytical Skills, Creativity, Motor Skills, Practical Skills


Unleash your imagination with SMARTIVITY Do-It-Yourself activity kits.


Made from high-quality, re-engineered, laser-cut wood, all SMARTIVITY products are recyclable, safe, non-toxic, and sustainable.

Mess-free assembly using rubber bands – no glue required. With art materials from home and a little creativity, make your completed project your own.

Designed for learning fundamental principles of STEM/STEAM, each kit comes with easy-to-understand, illustrated instructions with experiments to ensure

understanding of concepts learned through play.


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