Murder on the Titanic 1000pc


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Wealthy twin sisters face romance, betrayal and death on that fateful night aboard the Titanic. Be Puzzled is more than just jigsaw puzzles – it’s puzzle-plus.

There’s something for everyone in this: Titanic maniacs get a 1,000-piece puzzle presenting yet one more image of the unsinkable ship before it, well, you know. Romantics get to read a tale of wealthy twin sisters who face love and betrayal on that fateful night in the frigid seas. Mystery buffs get a murder that can only be solved by piecing together clues from both the story and the puzzle. It’s a perfect marriage of elements that can keep one or more people involved for days before the big picture, in every sense, is revealed. The handsome box for this package is a real eye pleaser, but don’t be fooled by the collage of photographs, jewelry, and a gun on its cover: the image is not the same as the one in the puzzle itself. –Tom Keogh



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