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  • 3 transfer pipets and pH Paper.


  • Transfer pipets (provided) pH paper (provided) Household liquids such as Water, Bleach, Vinegar, Shampoo, Mustard, Cough Syrup, Orange Juice, Soda, etc.
  • Small cups or Foam or plastic coated paper plate(s) An Acid is any of a class of substances whose liquid solutions have a pH of less than 7 and is typically characterized by a sour taste and the ability to turn pH paper red.
  • Bases (also referred to as alkaline) are any of a class of compounds whose liquid solutions have a pH greater than 7 and are characterized by a bitter taste, a slippery feel, and the ability to turn pH paper blue.
  • A liquid with a pH of 7 is considered neutral.
  • We typically classify water with a neutral pH of 7.
  • Water is not harmful to our skin or to drink and will not react on pH paper.
  • The further away from a pH of 7, the more dangerous the products can be to your body.


  • You may want to “rinse” the pipet with water between samples.


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