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Smiski Kneeling
Body Type:Normal
Found:In corners of a room

Often sits with knees folded. Has a kind heart but is a little awkward showing it in front of other people.

Smiski Climbing
Body Type:Chubby
Found:On top of books, shelves or seen climbing out from tissue boxes

This Smiski’ s action is too slow. Often spotted trying to climb over things but never quite making it.

Smiski Daydreaming
Body Type:Normal
Pose:Staring into space
Found:Nearby walls

Likes to daydream all day long. Most of the time, this Smiski is lost in it’s own world.

Smiski Pushing
Body Type:Slim
Found:Underneath objects and furniture

Always pushing things together to create the perfect hiding spot.

Smiski Peeking
Body Type:Normal
Pose:Peeking through between his legs
Found:In corners of a room

A playful Smiski who likes to look out at the world from an upside down point of view.

Smiski Listening
Body Type:Chubby
Pose:Listening against wall
Found:Nearby walls

Curious about the sounds coming in from next door, this Smiski is always listening in.

Each Smiski is randomly assorted in a blind box style, and every series includes a secret chase Smiski!

Collect them all!


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