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Smiski Bridge
Body Type:Normal
Found:Around corners of the room

Always deep in thought. To think flexibly, one must act flexibly! ..which is the reason for this pose.

Smiski Peeking
Body Type:Slim
Pose:Peeking down
Found:On top of objects and shelves

Finds comfort in high places and likes to look down at the scenery below. Is quite weary of things and when it notices something it makes sure to check it out first from a safe distance.

Smiski Climbing
Body Type:Chubby
Pose:Rope climbing
Found:Around ropes, strings, cords

Curious of what is waiting at the top of the hanging string, this Smiski will climb up without hesitation. However it always has some trouble getting back down. Loves adventure.

Smiski Little
Body Type:Normal
Pose:One hand against the wall
Found:Near walls

Little Smiski have made their appearance! For some reason these little ones like to line up against the wall in this pose.

Smiski Hiding
Body Type:Normal
Pose:Hiding under something
Found:Underneath towels and blankets

Likes to be in small, cosy places. Often found underneath towels and blankets, looking around its surroundings while hiding. Is a little timid in personality.

Smiski Handstand
Body Type:Chubby
Found:Around corners of the room

Always found doing a handstand against the wall. If you look closely, the peeking Smiski from Series 2 is actually always trying to copy this Smiski.

Each Smiski is randomly assorted in a blind box style, and every series includes a secret chase Smiski!

Collect them all!


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