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Series 4 of Smiski includes the following variations:

Smiski Sneaking
Body Type:Normal
Found:In corners of a room

Always sneaking and secretly moving. The destination is unknown. Doesn’t like to be found.

Smiski Scared
Body Type:Normal
Found:On top of books or shelves

Smiski that wants to go down but scared to. Always looking down to see what is there.

Smiski Relaxing
Body Type:Chubby
Pose:Stretch Legs
Found:In corners of a room

A Smiski that is full and cannot move. Love to stretch legs while leaning against the wall.

Smiski Lazy
Body Type:Slim
Found:In corners of a room

A Smiski that is always lazy. Too Lazy to even notice Little Lazy Smiski on the top.

Smiski Stuck
Body Type:Chubby
Found:In the gap between things

A Smiski who got stuck on a way to somewhere. It seems that it can not grasp the it’s body size.

Smiski Defeated
Body Type:Slim
Found:In corners of a room

A Smiski that is defeated because it cannot find any favorite corner. Sometimes used as a stepping stone for other Smiski.

Each Smiski is randomly assorted in a blind box style, and every series includes a secret chase Smiski!

Collect them all!


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