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Anti-Monopoly is an updated version of the classic board game monopoly. The game can be played by 2 to 6 players. This makes it perfect for a fun game time with friends and family. The game involves an exciting competition between two groups- monopolists and competitors to simulate the real business world.




Endlessly Fun Gameplay

The game involves free-market competitors clashing with ruthless monopolists. The competitors charge fair rent, and the greedy monopolists charge high rent but at risk of going to prison for fixing. The players follow rules according to their status on the quest for accumulating money and real estate.

Develops Strategic Skills

This anti-monopoly game is a fun packed strategic game that develops the cognition skills, problem solving ability, memory, and decisiveness in young children. It teaches them about the concepts of money and business at an early age. This game is easy to learn and it is exciting for both adults and children.

Appealing Pieces and Board Design

The real estate board game features an appealing graphic printed board with multiple plastic pieces. The set includes 28 tile cards, 25 competitor cards, 25 monopolist’s cards, 6 pawns, 50 houses and apartments, dice, and paper money. This game can be played for hours.


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