Brady Hound HG 1:72


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  • From “Kyokai Senki”, which started broadcasting in October 2021, the North American Alliance Army mass-produced machine Brady Hound designed by Kanetake Ebikawa has already been added to the HG lineup!
  • Two special knives are attached, and the magazine and grenade can be attached to and detached from the special rifle.
  • Two types of hand parts are included. The weapon holder slides the back part to reproduce the knuckle mode.
  • Head parts for parked state are also included and can be reproduced by replacement.
  • Reproduce the transportation condition in combination with “HG 1/72 V-33 Stoke Carry” (sold separately). [Accessories]
  • Hand parts Weapon holders (left and right), flat hands (left and right)
  • Dedicated rifle (equipped with grenade launcher) x 1
  • Dedicated knife x 2
  • Foil sticker x 1
  • Head replacement parts x 1
  • Can be combined with the V-33 Stork Carrier (sold separately)
  • Instructions may or may not include English translation
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