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  • Unique Spy Toy Set For kids/Teens: The SpyX DIY kit shows the science behind the spy gadgets. A cool scientific toy that you can build your own spy motion detector device and it really works! Train yourself the smartest secret agent!
  • Science Alarm toy Device Building Kit: The DIY spy kit includes a motion sensor, a battery module, a volume knob, a motion module, an on/off switch, and a speaker. Adjust the motion sensor toward the direction of where you think people may walk, like a door or hallway. 3 AAA batteries needed.
  • New Idea   Science Spy Gear: After plugging each electric block into the base and   connecting the wires, turn on the switch, wait for the red LED to flash after   3 seconds, and point the sensor towards the motion source. Play with it in   bright light; this motion sensored toy really works!
  • Super Fun STEM Educational Kit: It is a creative science toy set for kids to learn how to connect the circuits and build a real working spy gadget. Colored wires and springs assist you build the lazer beam device and learn the whole theory easily.
  • Learn To Play, Play To Learn: The STEM building toy set promotes critical thinking, fine motor skills, and problem solving training. Put together take apart lazer alarm also teaches kids logic concept and cause/effect. It is a great interactive toy kit that parents and kids can build together!
  • Ages 6+


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