GO! CURVE 2/45


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  • Extension curve for the Carrera railways in scale 1:43
  • DIGITAL 143, GO!!! Plus, GO!!!
  • To extend your race track
  • Package contents: 4 pieces (track length: 242 mm)

Upgrade your race track
With this extension set you can extend your race track to include a large 180° corner, an S-bend or two smaller 90° corners – just the way you like it. The set contains four tracks, each 242 mm long and 179 mm wide. All in all, you extend your race track by almost one metre. The individual pieces have an incline of 45° – no big challenge for your slot car. But when assembled into a 180° corner you should be careful not to fly out of the corner with your car! Don’t underestimate the S-bend either! Practice driving the chicanes to stay one step ahead of your opponent in the next race. Where is the right braking point and when can you accelerate? The extension part comes on a scale of 1:43 and is therefore suitable for the Carrera DIGITAL 143, Carrera GO!!! and Carrera GO!!!! Plus race tracks.


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