Kano Yoshinobu: Peonies 1000pc


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Ornamental peonies in a garden, late 18th–early 19th century Kano Yoshinobu’s ornate hanging scrolls contain stands of giant peonies in full bloom. Butterflies have gathered in search of nectar, and they are joined by dragonflies and grasshoppers. The peonies in the right-hand scroll are tossed by a breeze. Dandelions blossom at the bottom left of the left-hand scroll. The white, pink, yellow, and red of the peonies stand out in brilliant contrast to the luminous dark-blue background—making this pair of scrolls a vivid yet serene extraordinary work of art.

Pomegranate is proud to produce jigsaw puzzles with thoughtfully conceived, engagingly intricate, and aesthetically appealing images on a solid interlocking format. The sturdy construction combined with the wide image selection and vibrant color reproduction will delight everyone from experts to first-time puzzlers.


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