Life Hacks


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life hacks the truth is stranger than fiction

The Truth…

Is Stranger…

Than Fiction!

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University Games is pleased to offer a selection of games and puzzles that are perfect for an evening of fun with the family or a crowd pleaser for your next party game night with friends. We work hard to make sure our board games are easy to learn, quick to play and guaranteed to keep the party going, and we hope you enjoy playing them as much as we have enjoyed creating them.

Life Hacks

The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction!

Life Hacks is a fun new card game where players must attempt to pick the real Life Hack from three seemingly-bizarre answers on a Question Card. Get it right and you keep the card and the points. Watch out for Challenge Cards, where you must DO the Life Hack and prove it’s real in order to keep the cards and the points!

  • 95 Cards
  • Instruction


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