Mini Play Golf Game


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  • Kids Have a Blast as They Learn: Ready to introduce your little duffer to the great game of golf? Check out this toddler golf set, designed to turn kid-pleasing fun into a genuine learning experience.
  • Even Tee-Up Is Extra Fun: You’ll love the cool way this mini golf set sets up the ball for tee-off. Your child simply presses down the lever & the mechanical arm feeds the balls right to the tee.
  • Ideal for Both Righties & Lefties: Why bother with toddler golf clubs that won’t accommodate all boys & girls? Our adjustable golf club comes with 3 different clubheads for lefthand & righthand play.
  • 20 Golf Balls Just for Tots: Golf for kids should be carefully customized to children’s skills & abilities. That’s why this set provides child-size golf balls, perfect for toddlers & preschoolers.
  • Safe for Ages 3 & Up: All Thin Air Toys meet or exceed the stringent safety standards set by the US & Canadian governments. Plus, all come backed by our 30-Day Warranty & packed in cute giftable boxes.

Turn Preschool Learning Into Fun & Games with This Better-Made Toddler Golf Set

Did you know that golf can help little kids learn hand-eye coordination, hone fine & gross motor skills, and develop social skills?

It’s a fact.

That’s why this children’s golf set is so perfect for toddlers & preschoolers. It combines crucial skill-building with kid-pleasing play, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

You Get Everything Except the Hole

Your indoor & outdoor Kids’ Golf Set includes:

— > Mechanical Tee-Up System that feeds balls to the tee – like magic – when a child’s foot presses down on the pedal
— > 15 Durable Golf Balls custom-designed for kids
— > 1 Sturdy Toddler Golf Club that adjusts at the flick of a finger to extend or shorten the length
— > 3 Screw-On Clubheads – 2 drivers, 1 putter – for both right-handed & left-handed play
— > 1 Golf Flag just like the ones used in grownup golf

All components are durably crafted of ABS molded plastic to withstand tons of wear & tear. All are carefully kid-tested, too – and all meet or exceed US & Canadian government safety standards.

This preschooler toy gives you a great opportunity to forge closer bonds with your kids. Plus, it’s a perfect gift for all the pint-size golfers you know – kids, grandkids, nephews, and nieces.


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