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Evangelion Production Model-02 “Neon Genesis Evangelion”, Bandai Spirits Real Grade is now available in RG!

It’s a mouthful of a name, but Bandai brings us their RG RG Evangelion Production Model-02 from “Rebuild of Evangelion!” It’s the first Eva to be available in Bandai’s RG series; pursuing the faithful replication of acute details included in the original. The abdomen, chest, and back parts are linked together like a link of armor and the knee parts bend like real muscles. The internal components can interlock when the neck is posed, making the position more natural-looking. Don’t miss out!
Box Content

  • EVA Unit-02
  • Pallet Rifle
  • 2 Progressive Knives (Eva Unit 02 ver)
  • Umbillical Cable
  • 7 Types each hand parts (Left/Right)
  • Hand parts for holding Thunder Spear


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