Panzer IV 1:32


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Revell 85-7861 Monogram 1/32 Panzer IV Tank Plastic Model Kit

Skill Level: 2
Scale: 1/32
Length: 8-5/8″
Width: 3-7/8″
Height: 3-1/8″
Parts: 197

Armored fist of the Third Reich

In all its wars, Germany excelled at maneuver warfare. However, it wasn’t until the invention of the reliable, quick, and extremely powerful Panzer IV that the German Panzer Corps really waged a blitzkrieg. Upgrades to the armor and armament of the Panzer IV took the tank from an infantry support role and made it a powerful weapon for confronting nearly any enemy. In the end, simple numbers defeated superior design. The number of Shermans and T-34s produced was ten times that of Panzer IVs. Kit features extra equipment and two crew members.


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