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“Nobody puts baby in a corner” in this game all about your favorite movies: romantic comedies! Compete in teams to identify the perfect pairs, romantic one-liners and silver screen hits from your favorite gals’ or date night films. Will you Say Anything to earn a heart? Be the first player or team to earn a red foil heart from each of the three categories to win!
You Had Me at 300 Cards: The Netflix and chill binge night of fun never ends with 300 cards covering three different categories – perfect pairs, in one word, and who said that!
Dimensional Components: Rom Com includes red foil hearts and a three dimensional couch that serves as a center piece in the game and heart and card holder during game play.
Play Solo or in Teams: Rom Com is flexible to handle larger groups for gals’ night or a more intimate 2-player game for date night
Play Rom Com on Zoom: Don’t let the distance get you down – Rom Com is perfect to play either in person or on your favorite video conferencing platform (Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts and more!)
Party Game Night: Make it a party game night with University Games! Each Party Game Night game is great for evenings with friends and family, game nights, or date nights and makes a great gift for adults, teens, fans of board games or card games or first time players and party lovers!


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