There’s Been a Murder


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There’s been a murder in an austere country house in 1930s England. Everyone’s a suspect, but nobody wants to talk about it! Can the players work together to solve the mystery, or will the murderer escape justice?

In There’s Been A Murder, players may not talk about the cards they hold in their hand or that they’ve seen during play. By playing their cards and following the instructions they can discover who holds the key cards, allowing the Detective to uncover the Murderer. When this happens, everyone wins!

The game comes with 24 cards (22-24 for advanced play only), and each card in the game has a unique power to aid or hamper the deduction.

During the game, players will hold two cards in their hand and choose one to play on their turn. After resolving any relevant effects, the next player will take their turn. The players win if the Detective is successfully used to find the Murderer, or the Murderer is passed to the Confidant. The players lose if the Murderer kills the Witness, or if the deck runs out of cards.


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